Shopping List

How can you help? One way is to help us to offer a balanced food parcel that contains different types of food. This list is updated here and on our Facebook page.

Please do not make extra trips to the shop to donate food, only donate if and when doing your shopping.

We really appreciate you donating from the list below as it avoids an excess of some foods and a shortage of others.

Please note: Unfortunately, Jubilee Foodbank cannot accept perishable foods such as eggs or homemade foods such as jam or chutney.

Please do not donate out-of-date or opened food.

The Most Useful Foods

✅ Cartons of long life semi-skimmed milk

✅ Tinned Meat / Chicken

Instant Mash Potato sachets



Sandwich Paste

Tinned Vegetables (potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn, peas)

✅ Small bags of sugar


We don’t currently need:

Beans, tinned tomatoes, tinned fish, soup, fizzy drinks, pasta & meatballs, rice, cereal, tins or large/family size packets of biscuits.

Donation Points

Please don’t make additional trips to the shop, only donate if and when you are doing your essential shopping.

  • Refill Revolution at the Eco Village
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Waitrose
  • Both Coop supermarkets
  • B&M
  • Nationwide
  • Halifax
  • Coop, Great Glen
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