I need help

Everyone needs help from time to time. We are here to help people who need food in times of crisis. The foodbank offers emergency food for those who need it.

To get help

Find the most suitable referral agency for you. The Jubilee Foodbank in Market Harborough wants to make sure that you get in contact with people who can help in more ways than offering food. The agencies below can help in different ways. Please visit any of the following agencies who can refer you to the foodbank for an emergency food parcel.

Where to go:

There are a few other people and agencies who may be able to help. However, these are our main referrers.

If you are an organisation that helps people, and would like to be able to refer to the foodbank, please contact us on the Jubilee Foodbank email in the first instance.

The Jubilee Foodbank recognises that there are many reasons for needing food. We support the campaign to End Hunger in the UK.


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