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Why does the Jubilee Foodbank need money?

Most food donations are made by people such as you and the foodbank is entirely run by volunteers. So, why does the Jubilee Foodbank need financial donations?

· In February 2019, the foodbank moved. This was mainly due to the increased demands on its service over the last few years. The foodbank now pays rent for storage space and associated bills such as electricity and water.

· The food donations need to be topped up when certain foods are missing.

· Bread is bought each week.

· Fresh meat, fruit and vegetable vouchers are given to many people in need.

· Baby milk is sometimes bought for a child too young to eat solid food.

· There are costs associated with training our wonderful volunteers.

· There are other costs: for example, transport, insurance and printing.

The Jubilee Foodbank is a not for profit organisation and not a registered charity.

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