How can I help the Jubilee Foodbank?

Thank you for your additional donations over the Christmas season!

Thank you for all of your donations that continue to be collected from points around Harborough.

One of the key things we want for the people who come to us for help is to give a balanced food parcel. At the moment, we are running out of several items. Please see the ‘shopping list’ tab above to help with the items we need. You can also click on the green button below.

Please check our food list so that we can offer a range of food to the people who request help.

Thank you for your support. Let’s work towards a better future in 2021.

Donations (only during your usual shop)

Thank you for your support with food donations. Please see our shopping list for more details. Our ‘most wanted’ items are green. If you wish to donate, please only donate while on your essential grocery shop. The following supermarkets are kindly collecting for us: Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, B&M, Refill Revolution and both Coops. Thank you to the supermarkets and the work of their teams!

Hear Jubilee Foodbank on Harborough FM:


Thank you for your continued support.

Our Story

In 2012, members of The Congregational Church set out to support people in food poverty.

It started with a few food parcels each month.

We now receive around 100 referrals from individuals and families every month.

  • The Jubilee Foodbank was set up in 2012 by members of The Congregational Church.
  • The word ‘Jubilee’ comes from The Bible. It is a time of restoration, justice and freedom for anyone facing poverty.
  • Referrals are made by local organisations. The main reason for this is that these organisations offer support in other ways too.
  • Referrals are mainly from Harborough District Council at the moment. However, we have all sorts of referral agencies both now and in ‘non-Covid’ times including the Citizens’ Advice Bureau, Beacon Care, charities, doctor surgeries, churches, social workers and schools.
  • Food is generally donated at the collection points around town. (Waitrose, Coops, B&M, Refill Revolution, Sainsburys). Sometimes we buy food if needed and we buy bread every week to freeze and give out. 
  • Funding comes from many generous individuals, charities and businesses in and around Harborough.
  • Currently, the charity VASL is delivering parcels as many referral agencies are closed for face to face meetings. Usually, parcels would be collected from referral agencies in Market Harborough.
  • The Jubilee Foodbank recognises that there are many reasons for needing food. We would like to see the end to food poverty. Until then, we will continue to help as much as we can.